Planning Now for the Next Crisis

Even the best business strategies can be knocked off-course, or sometimes even wrecked, by a crisis that the law firm only vaguely anticipated, if at all.

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Here are two resources to help intellectual property practices capitalize on opportunities for improved profitability through the outsourcing of tasks and functions currently performed in-house.

Prague Astronomical Clock by Andrew Silva

A highly effective way to find breakthrough solutions to seemingly insoluable problems today is to "travel" into the future and look back at them.

a new way to look at and improve the way you work

A lawyer's time is the most valuable asset in any law practice of any size anywhere in the world. Yet, lawyers report an almost continuous sense of frustration that they are not as productive or efficient as they believe that they could be.



"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

--- Samuel L. Clemens
(a.k.a. "Mark Twain")
(American humorist and author, 1835-1910)

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The old excuse, still heard in many law firms around the word, that "diversity is not a priority for our clients or our firm" is not only misinformed, but in some cases could be a formula for long-range failure.

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Although law firms today face a seemingly vast array of strategic, operational, and management challenges arising from the globalization of the legal services industry, there are at least five emerging trends that characterize law firms that are successfully building profitable cross-border and multinational practices, even when based in only one office or country. 

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This commentary by international law expert (and former Walker Clark senior consultant) Gerald J. Kirkpatrick shows a way forward for the United Nations, if the United States and other western powers want to lead the way.

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Above all, to be the successful law firms of the future will practice a culture of resilience.

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Successful law firms in the future will not only keep up with trends and developments; they will lead them.