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A new report published by Bloomberg says that ice melting has already reached "worst case" levels. This should be required reading for every law firm.

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“We are pleased that the worst outcome – no deal – has been averted,” said David Greene, president of the Law Society of England and Wales (LSEW), in an article on 4 January 2021 in the Global Legal Post..

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Ever since we formed Walker Clark LLC back in 2002, our firm has observed four core values that have guided our advice to our clients, many of whom have implicitly incorporated these principles into their professional cultures and day-to-day workplace environments. As we look ahead into the decade of the Twenty Twenties, we remind ourselves of them, remember how they have been reliable guidelines in rapidly changing legal markets and business environments over the past 18 years, and offer them for whatever inspiration and benefit they might provide in the future.

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Norman Clark
Walker Clark LLC

IBA Law Firm Management Conference
Moscow, Russian Federation
11 December 2020

Throughout the past year, our legal management consulting firm has conducted virtual meetings with our clients to understand better the practical challenges they have experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic and how they have responded.

So, very little of what I have to tell you are my own ideas.



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The events of the past twelve years are very persuasive. 

The old whining excuse that "nobody could have possibly foreseen this" is no longer an acceptable management response.

The law firms that have managed the COVID-19 pandemic the best had already expected the unexpected. Their responses might not have been perfect in every case, but they have been more effective and have produced better financial results than have ad hoc crisis management.


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Here is the October 2020 issue of Walker Clark's reading list of recent news and commentary for lawyers and law firms that are interested in the Indian legal market. 

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 Approximately 60% the world's law firms will begin a new fiscal year on 1 January 2021. Many others will enter the final quarter or trimester of their old fiscal year. Despite the economic uncertainties that confront most countries and most law firms in 2021, there is a lot that you can do to get better business results in 2021, and even in 2022.

But you need to act now.

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Here is our latest reading list, which offer links to the top current news and commentary about strategic issues in the legal services industry: China Legal Horizons.


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The rapid development of the Dark Web and the adoption of new operational modes in the legal services industry, such as working at home, pose substantial new threats to many law firms that might have previously assumed, correctly or not, that they were "immune" from hacking and ransomware.

There are several basic steps that any law firm, or any size and anywhere, can take to reduce the risks.

Banish the phrase "new normal" from your thinking about the future.

 As law firms begin to think about operations after the pandemic subsides, many of their partners have been using the phrase  new normal.  This mindset -- that the future will be just a continuation of the past -- is as risky to the future of your law firm as ingesting bleach or taking ineffective, dangerous drugs to fight a coronavirus.