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The phrase "big picture" usually comes to mind when one thinks about strategic issues.


This might actually be preventing us from solving some of our most urgent problems.


Sometimes you need to "think small."








The "big picture" always is important. But many of the most important challenges that law firms face today demand a highly-focused concentration on one very precise urgent issue. While these issues usually have important long-term implications -- and, therefore, can be considered to be "strategic" -- they often demand immediate action to manage short-term risks and take advantage of compelling opportunities.

The traditional answer from the academics and management consultants usually has been "You need a  strategic plan."

But what if the opportunity won't wait for you and your partners to write a strategic plan?

What if you really do not have the time to write a strategic plan before you must take action? What if your firm simply lacks the resources, especially partner time, to examine your firm's "big picture?" What if you need to focus on a single urgent issue --- now, not six months or a year from now.

This challenge -- to be mindful of the "big picture" while sharpening the focus on the critical details -- is characteristic of the fast-moving, increasingly competitive world of today's legal profession. It is still important to keep your firm's "big picture" in view and continually test its accuracy.

The ability to "think small," with clarity, precision, and with reference to a firm's larger business goals and professional ambitions, has become a truly critical survival skill, especially for most small and midsize lawfirms.

the Walker Clark® Strategic Focal Point Analysis

We are well known for our cost-effective Strategic Priorities Review and the business results it can produce. The Walker Clark Strategic Focal Point Analysis concentrates and applies many of the same tools and methods to those important issues that arise quickly, have short fuses, but also present serious long term consequences.

How do we do this? In a word: focus.

  • We help you to define the issue with crystal-clear precision.
  • We challenge the assumptions that might be standing in the way of your progress.
  • We ensure that you and your partners have all of the information that you need to make a well-informed intelligent decision.
  • We work alongside you and your partners to evaluate, quantify, and prioritize the risks that you must manage.
  • We deliver a simple, cost-effective action plan to produce the best return on your investment of partner time, management attention, and financial resources.

The results are the best-informed decision possible and practical steps forward as fast as you need them, not only to remain competitive in today's fast-paced legal markets, but to build compelling competitive advantages.

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