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We provide sophisticated editing services for law firms that need clear communications that meet world-class standards.






Being a native English speaker is not enough to be a good writer. Even native speakers of English -- even lawyers -- can be horrible writers. Effective business and professional communications demand more than just technically accurate translations. They also require clarity and a professional style tailored to the subject matter and -- most importantly -- to the recipient.

Walker Clark® Editorial Services will edit your draft documents to meet international communications standards for law firms. Our service covers both legal documents, such as those prepared for or on behalf of a client of your firm, and non-legal documents, such as marketing materials and non-technical articles for publication.

No document is too large or too small.  They can range from website pages and press releases to entire books.

We believe that our service standards set us apart from ordinary proofreading and editing services.

Our editing services always include:

  • substantive editing to improve the clarity and communication impact -- not just proofreading
  • unsurpassed information security safeguards and procedures
  • a firm price as soon as we receive the document and before we begin work
  • guaranteed delivery times of three to five business days, depending on the length of the document
  • availability of next-day and second-day delivery times
  • editing of all legal documents by a lawyer

Our service can dramatically reduce the internal costs of your document review and editing processes by freeing time that lawyers and other senior fee-earners currently spend proofreading and editing documents, especially those that have been drafted in another language and translated into English.