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Our firm's confidentiality policy is incorporated into the terms of our engagements with each client.

We manage all information, not already in the public domain, received from clients as confidential, even in the absence of any assertion of confidentiality, privilege, or proprietary interest by our client.




The term confidential information also includes:

  • all information communicated to us by a prospective client during discussions of a possible engagement; and
  • the fact that Walker Clark has been engaged by the client, and the nature, terms, and conditions of the engagement.

We will never disclose any confidential information except to those Walker Clark members who:

  • have a need to know the information for the performance of their duties with respect to the client to whom the confidential information belongs; or
  • have a need to know the identity of the client and the general nature of the engagement in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

All members, analysts, staff, and contractors of Walker Clark LLC are bound by the terms of any non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements with respect to any Walker Clark client.

Because of the special importance of our confidentiality policy to the strategic position and competitive advantages of our law firm clients, Walker Clark does not maintain, publish, or otherwise disclose a list of representative clients. It is our policy to decline to provide references to prospective clients without specific prior authorization.

information security

Walker Clark LLC takes all reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure of confidential information to third parties without our client’s prior consent.

When we receive electronic documents or files from a client that contain confidential information, we encrypt them and redundantly store them on separate secure off-site servers operated by Microsoft and BackBlaze. Only Walker Clark personnel providing services to a client have access to the passwords necessary to decrypt and open a client's files.