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Most law firms and law departments already have excellent lawyers; but lawyers in the most successful legal practices also have developed superior business and leadership skills.

Your colleagues need more than classroom training.




We offer Walker Clark professional development programs only to current and recent Walker Clark clients.

This is because each Walker Clark professional development program requires an intimate, "in-house" level of knowledge and understanding of the challenges, needs, and aspirations of our clients and their people, which ordinary training vendors and other legal management consultants simply cannot develop in a stand-alone or generic training event.

the Walker Clark difference

We provide the tools, methods, skills, and ongoing support that will enable lawyers to move their individual practices and the mission of their law firm or law department forward. We do not produce traditional workshops. When we hold group sessions, they are focused business meetings that apply knowledge, skills, and methods to real-life issues in the business and the practice of its lawyers in the specific contexts of their practice groups, law firms, or law departments.  We also custom-design each program to take advantage of the most cost-effective blend of distance learning technology and on-site person-to-person interaction.

However, Walker Clark goes five steps beyond traditional training.

  • We do not do one-time or "one off" training.  Our programs are offered only in the context of an overall strategic or business initiative of the firm or law department.
  • We do not waste your time or money on subjects that, although interesting, do not contribute directly to better performance.  We help the individual and the organization to identify and track reliable measurements to assess progress and calculate return on investment.
  • We focus on practical skills and know-how, not on business school theory or management philosophy.
  • We provide individual skills coaching and support, in scheduled one-on-one sessions with each participant and, when appropriate, with small groups.
  • We advise and assist each participant in applying tangible skills to actual problems in his or her own practice. through our unique Living Case Studies methodology and practical applications.  

What is a Walker Clark professional development program like?

Our team of multidisciplinary experts, each with decades of practical legal and business experience, custom-design a professional development curriculum for each client. Our goal is to provide a level of expertise, insight, and sophistication usually available only at the best LL.M. and M.B.A. programs, but with an immediate practical application that academic programs, by definition, cannot match.

Each component in a Walker Clark professional development curriculum is designed for the strategic goals and business objectives of our client, the existing levels of expertise and experience of the participants, and the professional culture of the organization.  As a result, our professional development cycles typically extend for 6 to 18 months, depending on the needs of our clients.  Examples of recent professional development courses and components include:

  • anti-corruption: the emerging international standards
  • alternative fee structures
  • business planning in modern law firms
  • Coaching and Feedback for Lawyers
  • crisis management
  • delegation of legal work
  • ethics and billing
  • how to write and manage a profitable proposal
  • managing your intellectual capital
  • managing the marketing of legal services
  • marketing and sales skills for lawyers
  • Meeting Meeting Expectations - practical strategies and methods for more productive meetings
  • negotiations for lawyers
  • principles of effective presentations
  • productive performance discussions
  • quality assurance, productivity, and profitability
  • secrets of successful innovation
  • stress management in legal practice
  • Sustainable Profitability in the Practice of Law
  • The Global Lawyer - business skills and cultural fluency in an international legal market
  • time management
  • Understanding Law Firm Economics

If your firm is a current Walker Clark client, or if you would like other information about how to qualify your firm for a Walker Clark professional development program, contact us to discuss how we can help you get the best results from this important investment in your colleagues.