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Walker Clark® management consultants work exclusively with the legal profession.






law firms

About 85% of our clients are law firms and law firm networks.

Since forming our firm in 2002, approximately 65% of our law firm clients have been firms of fewer than 50 lawyers. Despite their size, some of these smaller firms are nonetheless among the largest and most prominent firms in their respective countries. Many of these are fast-growing firms in emerging legal markets. Most of them are relatively young, progressive firms, with robust commercial, litigation, and intellectual property practices, and strong investment mentalities for their people and their own futures.

Approximately 19% of our law firm clients have been midsize law firms, and approximately 16% have been large law firms.

We work worldwide. Latin America and the Caribbean remain our largest geographic sector, with slightly more than half of our law firm clients from this part of the world. Approximately one-quarter of our law clients are based in Europe, and the rest are in North America, Africa, the Middle East and eastern Asia.

other clients in the legal profession

We also serve corporate law department, legal departments in government agencies, bar associations, and law societies. Members of our firm have worked with corporate counsel in Europe and the Americas, with special expertise in the banking, energy, and technology sectors.  We are experts in the special challenges faced in managing the legal functions of family-owned and other privately-held businesses.

If there is a common characteristic of our law department clients, it is a driving ambition to improve the value that they deliver to their in-house clients. This reflects a similarly energetic corporate culture that is focused on achievement of robust business goals and long-term success.

bar associations and law societies

We enthusiastically support the efforts of bar associations and law societies throughout the world to improve the quality of the practice of law and the well-being of the clients and countries that the legal profession services. Our firm contributes pro bono substantial time and resources to the work of the International Bar Association and its Law Firm Management Committee, the IBA Committee on Poverty and Social Development, as well as to similar regional, national, and local professional associations.