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Where are your best opportunities to improve your overall business performance?

Which improvements will give you the best measurable return on your investment?




We can help you find the answers.

You probably know your own business best.  However, sometimes a law firm or an in-house law department needs an intensive, enterprise-wide review of its entire business operations by objective outside experts.

We offer the Comprehensive Management Systems Review, a complete top-to-bottom examination of your practice by a multi-disciplinary Walker Clark team.

We focus on the ten core management systems that have the greatest impact on your overall ability to meet your clients' needs and expectations:

  • client management
  • legal products and services
  • governance and decision making
  • internal communications
  • finance
  • facilities and logistics
  • information technology support
  • human resources management
  • knowledge management
  • performance management

The Comprehensive Management Systems Review uses a research agenda that is custom-designed to evaluate each system in depth, as it actually functions in your firm, and not according to artificial benchmarks or academic "best practices."

We identify and prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities. This will give you a baseline -- perhaps the first one that your organization has ever had -- which you can use as a reliable starting point for future growth.

We do this in the form of a complete diagnostic report, which includes an integrated action plan to produce the best results, quickly and with the least investment of time, resources, and effort.

We conduct the review using the most cost-effective mixture of one or more on-site visits to your office, videoconferences, and teleconferences.

Every Comprehensive Management Systems Review includes 120 days implementation advice and support after we deliver our report, at no additional fee.

For a more intensive study focused on sustainable profitability issues and business strategy, consider a Walker Clark® Strategic Profitability Diagnostic.