golden tree on Lake Baikal, Russia


We go almost anywhere in the world to serve a client or to support a law society or bar association. In fact, we have served more small and mid-size law firms in more countries than any other legal management consultancy.




Walker Clark® members have advised and assisted lawyers in law firms, corporate law departments, and government legal agencies in these countries:


Albania Dominican Republic Panama
Anguilla Ecuador Paraguay
Argentina El Salvador Peru
Aruba France Poland
Austria Germany Romania
Bahamas Greece Russian Federation
Bahrain Guatemala Saudi Arabia
Belgium Honduras Serbia
Bolivia Hong Kong Singapore
Bosnia and Herzegovina India Slovenia
Brazil Ireland South Africa
British Virgin Islands Italy South Korea
Bulgaria Jamaica Switzerland
Canada Japan Thailand
Cayman Islands Kosovo Trinidad and Tobago
Chile Kyrgyz Republic Turkey
China Mexico Ukraine
Colombia Montenegro United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica Netherlands United Kingdom
Croatia Nevis
United States
Czech Republic Nicaragua Uruguay
Denmark Nigeria Venezuela
  Northern Macedonia Vietnam























We welcome the opportunity to add your country to this list.

All of our professionals are experienced in international business or legal management; and all of them are bilingual or multilingual.

Our headquarters are located in Florida; but we are an international firm, with professionals based in Europe and the Americas. Most of our clients are located outside North America. We realize that no single country or region has a monopoly on innovation or best practices. Rather than deliver a "North American perspective" or a "European approach," we bring to each of our clients the best ideas from lawyers all over the world.

Our fees take into account the economics of our client's country and, whenever possible, our fees also include travel expenses.