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Here are two resources to help intellectual property practices capitalize on opportunities for improved profitability through the outsourcing of tasks and functions currently performed in-house.





IP SERVICES OUTSOURCING: Benefits, Engagement Models & Requirements[1]

This one-hour pre-recorded broadcast, co-produced by Walker Clark LLC and Intricate Research Pvt. Ltd.,  presents a detailed analysis of:

  • The business case for the outsourciing of core functions of IP practice traditionally performed in-house
  • How to identify which tasks and functions should be outsourced
  • They types of outsourced services that are available from external IP research and analysis experts
  • Outsourcing engagement models, such as project-by-project transactions, dedicated FTE support, and hybrid models
  • What to require and expect from external IP researh and analysis service providers
  • Two in-depth case studies of outsourced IP services in trademarks and patents

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 OUTSOURCING OF CORE LEGAL SERVICE FUNCTIONS: How to Capitalise on Opportunities for Law Firms (Norman K. Clark, ed., Globe Law and Business, 2021)

book outsourcing x150This reference includes chapters authored by Walker Clark principals Norman Clark and Fernando Moreno, as well as four other global leaders in the delivery of outsourced services to law firms. It is a step-by-step guide to a well-informed outsourcing decision as well as a roadmap for implementing it in a way that produces the best return on the law firm’s investment of management attention and resources. It will be of interest to anyone considering the option of outsourcing their core legal service functions, including small and mid-sized law firms, both those in general practice and specialised boutiques.


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 Is there an opportunity for your law firm?

Is there an opportunity for your firm's intellectual property practice to be more profitable and to generate better competitive advantages for you in today's hyper-competitive market for IP legal services? Walker Clark LLC can help you find out, evaluate the probable return on investment, and select an outsourcing strategy that is right for the specific characteristics of how your firm works. For more information, contact us at one of the telephone numbers below or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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