Lisa M. Walker Johnson

Founding Principal, Walker Clark LLC

(Globe Law and Business, 2022)

from the publisher's description:

There is a widespread and growing acceptance in legal services organizations worldwide that dealing with stress and burnout in not just the responsibility of the individual lawyer. The mitigation and prevention of excessive stress in the legal workplace are now being recognized as critical management responsibilities. This expectation has serious measurable implications and consequences for managing partners, general counsel, and other leaders.

Stress and Burnout in Law Firms summons lawyers, leaders, and managers to greater alertness about stress-producing factors in the workplace and to more effective applications of practical responses in the practice of law in today's often intense and hirhgly competitive environment. It is written expressly for legal professionals who want to work together to bring greater awareness to wellness needs and to minimize excessive stress in the legal work place in order to have a positive impact on workplace culture, professional relationships, firme reputation, talent retention and profitability.

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