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Keeping your law firm responsive to client needs and profitable is a challenge even in good times.

In times of a crisis, it is even more difficult.

With Walker Clark's Crisis Management CompanionTM service, we will join your crisis-management team and work alongside you as you navigate through the rough seas of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This service is available to any law firm, anywhere in the world. We will remotely deliver customized, highly-responsive service and support for a fixed monthly fee.This will not be the one-time generic webinar that some consultants are offering. Nor will we be distant voices that are only occasionally at the end of a conference call or e-mail.  Instead we will be there for you whenever and however you need us -- all for one fixed monthly fee.

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Traditional strategic planning methods are failing many small and midsize law firms.

Rapidly changing client expectations and fiercely competitive legal markets present a frustrating intellectual challenge for smaller firms that have been successful so far, but now are confronted by an uncertain future and limited resources. 

  • What's over our horizon? How can we know, with reasonable confidence, what our legal market will be like in the 2020s and beyond?
  • What do we need to do now -- not only to remain competitive and profitable today, but also to prepare to respond to the challenges that we will face ten years from now?

Walker Clark offers two services that can help your firm develop and implement cost-effective, fact-based answers to these questions.

 We are honored and delighted to be able to recommend these strategic partners to our clients. Each one offers systems, services, and support that can produce dramatic improvements in efficiency, sustainable profitability, and consistently high quality in the legal services delivered to clients. 

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patent services for law firms worldwide


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sophisticated knowledge management within the capabilities of any law firm

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