The legal services marketplaces throughout the world are changing faster than ever before. This presents opportunities and problems.

Walker Clark® is not the only legal management consulting firm. We are not the biggest or best-known, nor do we want to be.

However, we are the first choice for many law firms that are willing to invest in their own future, whether to take advantage of a promising opportunity, to resolve an urgent problem, or to manage a serious business or strategic risk. 

Why do progressive law firms select Walker Clark for their most serious issues?  

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Traditional strategic planning methods are failing many small and midsize law firms.

Rapidly changing client expectations and fiercely competitive legal markets present a frustrating intellectual challenge for smaller firms that have been successful so far, but now are confronted by an uncertain future and limited resources. 

  • What's over our horizon? How can we know, with reasonable confidence, what our legal market will be like in the 2020s and beyond?
  • What do we need to do now -- not only to remain competitive and profitable today, but also to prepare to respond to the challenges that we will face ten years from now?

Walker Clark offers two services that can help your firm develop and implement cost-effective, fact-based answers to these questions.

Stop the whining and denials.

Legal directories are important. In-house counsel for clients and prospective clients really do read them. So do partners in foreign firms who are looking for local counsel in your jurisdiction. 

Legal directories are an important tool to build a law firm's visibility and reputation, especially for small and midsize law firms.

The key is to know which directories offer the best opportunities for your firm and what you need to do to capitalize on them.

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What issues are most important to small and midsize law firms today?

Which ones will be most important for continued success over the next ten years?




Our experience specializing in the needs of small and midsize law firms demonstrates that their risks -- as well as their opportunities -- are often very different from those of large law firms.  

To build and share the collective observations and insights of lawyers and law firms worldwide, Walker Clark is conducting a brief survey. The results will be presented at the 2019 Annual Conference of the International Bar Association in Seoul, South Korea, on 23 September 2019. We also will publish the results on this website.

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