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Will you be ready for 2030?

Are you even ready for 2022?

One of the great lessons emerging from the pandemic for law firms, corporate law departments, and government legal departments is the importance of operational readiness -- the ability of a legal services organization and each of its members to respond to new challenges and opportunities that fast-changing business and professional environments are presenting.

It is an irreplaceable component of resilience.

We recommend a three-point operational readiness checklist for all of our clients, regardless of size, practice specialties, or location:

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have noticed a sharp increase in partner migration among law firms. Some of these partners have told us that money alone has not been the decisive factor but, instead, the desire to move to a firm, or in some cases an in-house counsel position, that offers a better business case for them for when the economic disruption is over.

We have observed even greater movement among associates, including senior associates whom their firms wanted to retain.

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Traditional strategic planning methods are failing many small and midsize law firms.

Rapidly changing client expectations and fiercely competitive legal markets present a frustrating intellectual challenge for smaller firms that have been successful so far, but now are confronted by an uncertain future and limited resources. 

  • What's over our horizon? How can we know, with reasonable confidence, what our legal market will be like in the 2020s and beyond?
  • What do we need to do now -- not only to remain competitive and profitable today, but also to prepare to respond to the challenges that we will face ten years from now?

Walker Clark offers two services that can help your firm develop and implement cost-effective, fact-based answers to these questions.

The legal services marketplaces throughout the world are changing faster than ever before. This presents opportunities and problems.

Walker Clark® is not the only legal management consulting firm. We are not the biggest or best-known, nor do we want to be.

However, we are the first choice for many law firms that are willing to invest in their own future, whether to take advantage of a promising opportunity, to resolve an urgent problem, or to manage a serious business or strategic risk. 

Why do progressive law firms select Walker Clark for their most serious issues?  

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To discuss whether your firm could benefit from working with Walker Clark, please telephone the number at the bottom of this page to speak with one of the members of our team or send us an email.

 We are honored and delighted to be able to recommend these strategic partners to our clients. Each one offers systems, services, and support that can produce dramatic improvements in efficiency, sustainable profitability, and consistently high quality in the legal services delivered to clients. 

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