Lone tree on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, at Miraflores, Lima, Peru




"They know the Latin American legal markets better than anyone else in the consulting industry."

--- partner in a Walker Clark client law firm in South America







Walker Clark LLC has advised more law firms in more countries in Latin America than any other legal management consultancy.

Latin America is our firm's "home market."  Walker Clark LLC members have been advising law firms in Latin America since 1997, even before we formed our firm. Even today, after expanding our practice worldwide over the past 11 years, still more than half of our clients are law firms in Latin America. Some are small, young firms that are pursuing a vigorous growth strategy. Others are established market leaders looking to develop international and inter-continental practices.  

Our clients in Latin America tell us that Walker Clark strategic services stand out for several reasons:

  • We understand the special economic, legal, and strategic factors that can make the difference between success and disappointment in the dynamic, highly competitive legal markets of the region.
  • We are diagnostic.  We use our multidisciplinary professional expertise and decades of practical management experience to focus on the few key factors that will have the greatest impact on sustainable success in the future.
  • We are pragmatic.  Instead of relying on vague academic models and "best practices," we look for the best results for the unique situation of each of our clients.
  • We custom-design each of our projects and services to fit the economic realities and conditions of the markets in which our clients operate.
  • We focus on solutions that will produce the best return on each client's investment of time, attention, and resources.

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