Written by Norman Clark
Published: 24 September 2014
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Some of the biggest business risks in a professional services firm arise at the beginning of the client relationship; but they are often overlooked or not detected at all until a crisis strikes.

Walker Clark LLC has prepared a quick checklist to identify any weaknesses in your firm's client intake policies and practices.  The checklist focuses on 12 critical functions in the process of accepting a new client. Each one of these functions could produce a significant risk of loss for your firm.  The checklist asks four questions about each function:

A response of no or uncertain to any of these four questions indicates a function that might need attention.

Three or more responses of no or uncertain usually indicate a serious and systemic risk. They also suggest that your entire client intake policy might need prompt and comprehensive attention.

Client intake policies and procedures are one of the areas addressed by a Walker Clark Comprehensive Management Systems Review

Click here to download Client Intake Policy: a quick checklist.

Norman Clark