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"...the most intellectually intense day I have ever spent at this law firm..."

-- partner in a Walker Clark client law firm in the United States






The Latin America Strategic Assessment is designed for law firms in Asia, Europe, and North America that want to expand their market presence in Latin America or with clients who have investments and business operations in the region. It is ideal for firms that have never organized a formal Latin America practice group, but sense that opportunities await them.

Should you be thinking about Latin America?

Many of your best clients and potential clients are. They are looking for expertise and practical business advice about the legal, regulatory, and economic environments in Latin America and their legal implications.

a time to ask some hard questions...

The Latin American markets are inviting, but a Latin American practice is not for every law firm.

  • Will current and anticipated trends in bilateral trade, investment, and economic development provide realistic opportunities for your firm and your client base?
  • Does your firm have what you will need to survive the fierce competition in the international Latin Amercan legal markets and enjoy your share of the growth?
  • How can you get a better return on your current investment in a Latin America practice?
  • What are you not doing now that you will need to do to remain competitive and profitable?
  • How can you make the strongest business case to your partners for continued investment in a Latin America practice?

... and to find some clear answers

This is not ordinary strategic planning.  Instead, it is an information-driven evaluation centered around a one-day Strategic Assessment Conference.  Two members of our team will meet with the partners in your firm who have the closest contact with your clients who have investments and interests in Latin America, to investigate, analyze, and explore your current practice and its future potential.

With an agenda that has been custom-designed specifically for your firm, we will work in your real-world environment, with practical analytical tools and planning methods, rather than academic "best practices" or theory.

Within 30 days after our meeting with you, we will summarize the results of the assessment conference in a written strategic implementation guide, which will define the top realistic opportunities for your firm and how to get the best results from them. We also suggest simple, practical performance metrics to help you assess your progress, as well as to identity potential problems before they deteriorate into full-blown crises.

Contact us for a complementary preliminary discussion of how your firm could benefit from a Latin America Strategic Assessment.