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The truthful answer in most law firms usually is "We really don't."  




Most small and midsize law firms -- and even some large ones -- really don't know what they need to know in order to make better decisions about their business.  The result is management by "gut feeling," constant surprises, and crisis-to-crisis improvisation, all of which result in lost opportunities and disappointing profit distributions at the end of the year.

A Walker Clark® Profitability Self-Diagnostic is a good first step toward better-informed management of your law firm. It is conducted entirely on-line and by teleconference by a team of senior Walker Clark experts on law firm operations and profitability. This feature saves our clients thousands of dollars by eliminating travel costs and disruption of your firm's daily operations (and helping your profitability even before you begin).

We don't just point out problems. We also provide a written report prescribing prioritized step-by-step recommendations to give you the greatest improvements at the lowest cost. We deliver an action plan that your firm can actually implement, not a lot of business-school theory and one-size-fits-all "best practices."